What do telephones, text messages and emails all have in common?  they're not built for scheduling.

Off Duty Blue Lite was created by law enforcement professionals specifically to solve law enforcement scheduling problems.  At a price every department can afford: FREE

Still have questions?  No problem, we've got answers.

Whats the Catch?

No catch.  Off Duty Blue Lite's Overtime Management Application is a completely free feature of our administrative software platform.  Feel free to use it, share it, and let us know how we can make it better.   There are no contracts to sign or commitments to make.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Nope.  All you'll need to sign up and get going is a department email address.  Off Duty Blue Lite comes with 1000 free text notifications, Once you get close we'll let you know and you can decide to upgrade for more texts and features or switch to email only notifications once you've reached your limit. 

Is my department info safe?

Absolutely.  We take data security very seriously and make every effect to keep your department information protected. One of the many ways we maintain security is with our Safe Admin Onboarding System that only allows administrators access to department records once they've been added or confirmed by an existing, verified department administrator.

What if My officers don't want to recieve text messages?

No worries,  officers can opt in or opt out of receiving text messages.  When they opt out, they'll recieve their notifications via email instead.

Can't I just use Off Duty Blue Lite to manage special events and security details, too?

No.  Off Duty Blue Lite is only to be used to communicate and fill regular duty overtime positions.  But don't worry,  We've got that covered from initial request all the way to invoices and payments with our Detail Management Application included with Off Duty Blue Pro.  Pro is still free for departments, we add a small service fee to the hourly rates charged to the organizations requesting security. 

Do standard text messaging and data rates apply?

That's the fact, Jack.

So, What's the catch?

There is still absolutely no catch, hook, fine print, malarky, tom foolery, trickery, bamboozling, or B.S.  Seriously,  what are you waiting for?  

Edit:  Our lawyers have informed us there is always some fine print.  You can check it out here,  but we promise there's nothing crazy hiding in there.