Simple Overtime & Detail Management


Off Duty Blue helps move your scheduling from the bulletin board to the cloud. 

Preserve fairness, improve accountability, and reduce fatigue.  In a fraction of the time.

Do more with less?

No problem.

Centralizing the details in one place significantly reduces time spent and errors that occur with manual scheduling and provides administrators, officers, and organizations requesting security a simple method to manage their portion of the process. 


Trusted by Agencies Nationwide

Built to Tackle the Nation's Public Safety Scheduling Needs

Configurable to Tackle Yours


manage requests, notify staff of opportunities, and answer questions.


Easily manage details, sort applicants and manage changes.


Digitally generate invoices, collect payments, collect fees, and pay officers.


View reports and rosters by date range, job type, officer, or client.


Handle repetitive tasks automatically based on your rules and preferences.


Sort and assign applicants and break ties based on hours or shifts worked, seniority, randomly, date applied, or with custom rotating lists. 


Set your agency's rules, policies, minimums, and limits and monitor and enforce them automatically.


Quickly access data to improve efficiency, reduce overtime costs, and forecast future staffing needs.
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See how we helped the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office overhaul their off-duty detail program without ever spending a dime.
"It has greatly reduced the time needed to schedule jobs. What would have taken an hour to two can now be accomplished in minutes."
Lindenwold PD, NJ
"The ability to send out special events to those who have opted in & want to work. Better than sending a department-wide email. The auto-staffing is the best feature in my opinion."
Midlothian PD, TX
"Using Off Duty Blue to streamline scheduling our 25 TSA screening teams throughout the country has freed up 20+ hours each week to focus on other responsibilities of the company"
President, Elite Team Logistics
Syracuse, NY
"The application is fair and is easy to see when OT is needed as opposed to always having to ask."
Police Officer
University of Texas Medical Branch, TX
"The notification process is terrific. The process for creating, assigning and sending notifications is so convenient and streamlined.  Since we began using the program, we have had zero assignments that officers missed due to 'forgetting'."
Off-Duty Coordinator
Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
"I have been able to manage and see growth in our extra duty assignments. One contractor told me that our use of Off Duty Blue has impressed him to the point he recommended us to other project managers."
Off-Duty Coordinator, Rutherford County Sheriff's Office
Murfreesboro, TN
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