What Our Clients Saying

RCSO Patch

Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

Off Duty Coordinator

The customer support from Off Duty Blue has been unparalleled in my experience. This alone would make me recommend Off Duty Blue to any department wanting to better manage their extra duty.


Virginia Commonwealth University

Off Duty Coordinator

"The notification process is terrific. The process for creating, assigning and notifications is so convenient and streamlined."


Lindenwold PD, NJ


"It has greatly reduced the time needed to schedule jobs. What would have taken an hour to two can now be accomplished in minutes."

Simple and efficient digital scheduling of overtime, special events, and security details.

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Why Off Duty Blue?

We build simple yet powerful solutions that public safety professionals need and deserve


Cloud Technology

Off Duty Blue runs on the industry-leading Microsoft Azure Cloud to keep your data stable, secure, and available.


Department Configurable

Our ever-growing bank of settings, workflows, and preferences allows you to adjust the application to your existing process rather than the other way around.


Data Integrity

Off Duty Blue's custom reports and analytics tools turns what used to be a department liability into a powerful administrative tool.